“Step into your greatness.” That’s the message that presenter Terrance Campbell had for our kids at our LEGO workshop. Hosted by the Fatherhood Forum of Wayne County, dads and their kids gathered to explore STEM principles by playing and learning with LEGOs.

Mr. Campell first explained the principles of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics-Medicine-Marketing). He talked about how engineering is used to design and build everything from eyeglass to tables to game consoles to buildings and bridges.

The kids were quizzed on how each letter in STEM is used everyday life, then they were set free to build structures utilizing LEGO blocks. Our younger kids were entertained while playing with the blocks, while the older kids were amazed at how some of the simplest objects, such as the arms of eyeglasses for example, were at one time considered technical advancements.

All in all our kids played, learned, laughed and enjoyed time with their fathers. By exploring the possibilities of engineering, they expanded their own horizons for achievement.

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