Having children who have experienced trauma or distress puts a lot of weight on a parent or guardian. Often, the parents we see don’t even know where to begin to get their family on track. Of course, our therapists are here to help our families work through their challenges, but sometimes a parent just needs advice from another parent.

That’s where Parent Support Partners come in. 

Parent Support Partners have been through the challenges that our parents are dealing with now. We pair them with other parents to:

  • Connect them to additional resources, activities and community groups that help families cope and thrive.
  • Create a valuable support network for families who may not have a reliable one of their own yet.
  • Increase confidence and competence in parenting skills specific to their situations and children.

Thanks to you, this service is free to families. You are uplifting struggling parents and bringing them hope for a better future for their family.

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