This past year, we’ve been inspired by the ongoing support of our donors — whose grants encourage us, lift us and help us empower the kids and families we serve.

The Ethel & James Flinn Foundation awarded us a two-year $150,000 grant to expand and enhance our evidence-based Applied Behavioral Analysis/Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention program. Because of their support, children in our Autism Spectrum Disorder program will receive intensive, dedicated support to ensure their optimal health and well-being. Last year, 80 unique children were served in this program.

We’d also like to recognize The Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation for the three grants they awarded us totaling $20,000. These grants fund:

  • The Safe Sleep Project. Funding for this program goes toward the purchase of bed/crib frames and mattresses for an estimated 41 children in our care who do not have a bed of their own. We hope to enable both the child and family to experience better rest and reduced stress, and increase the number of foster care candidate homes able to accept children in need of a placement.
  • Healthy Living Campaign. This program aims to improve the health and wellness of families by providing a holistic approach to physical wellness. The goal of this project is to offer families free events and activities related to fitness and healthy eating. We intend to have yoga, fitness,  self-defense, and healthy eating/meal prep classes.
  • Fatherhood Initiative. This program helps fathers and male caregivers achieve positive outcomes and become strong advocates for their children. Its goals are:
    • To build an environment for fathers to engage with their children. We will create an evidence-based, 12-week program called 24/7 Dads.
    • To build a monthly fatherhood support group for fathers to spend time together as well as with their children and the The Children’s Center staff.
    • To host ongoing fatherhood events to provide learning and engagement opportunities including hands-on activities, a male lactation seminar and a March Madness Sport Event.

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