Every kid wants to go to summer camp, but for a lot of our families, it’s beyond financial reach. Thanks to you, Tau Beta Association, Ambassador Bridge Company, and our volunteers and vendors, we were able to provide 40 kids a summer camp experience free of charge and filled with fun activities.


Kids enjoyed everything from field trips to the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Detroit Zoo to African drum and dance circles, cooking lessons, swimming, gardening, and a computer scavenger hunt.

For one family, our camp made a deep and lasting impression. Three sisters, Angelea, An’tinique, and Aron, experienced tremendous personal and emotional growth at our camp, especially in their confidence, temperament, and happiness.


“All three girls have blossomed,” says Ms. Walls, mother of the three girls. “Aron, who is 15, is now more confident in the way she dresses and feels about herself. Angelea, 7, has learned how to maturely and honestly express how she is feeling.”


“An’tinique, my 11-year-old, has experienced the most drastic changes,” says Ms. Walls. “She’s found new ways to comfort herself and work with her own feelings. Four months ago, I had to go to her school regularly to calm her down because she wouldn’t stop crying. But now, she is more self-sufficient and doesn’t let things bother her. We have The Children’s Center summer camp to thank for that.”


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