Sometimes it takes a community to rebound from difficulty. Art Van PureSleep, the Detroit Lions and The Children’s Center teamed up to make a lasting impact on the life of Jennifer McCrackin and her four young children, who experienced a period of extraordinary hardship.

The McCrackin family recently transitioned from a shelter to a new apartment. Previously, they had lived in a building that was poorly managed, and eventually condemned due to a bed bug infestation. The family was forced to move and leave everything behind. Jennifer, a working mom, and her school-age kids lost everything, including their furniture, clothing, toys, and even photos.

At the same time, the Lions were donating furniture from Ford Field to some of The Children’s Center families as their stadium prepared for renovations. The McCrackins were one of these families, receiving chairs, tables and couches. While these were being delivered, our team noticed something missing: beds.

Our team was determined to ensure the McCrackin family had the best possible environment to heal, grow and thrive. Thankfully, Art Van PureSleep stepped in. Just before Easter, four twin beds and a full-size bed were delivered to the family’s home.

“We are humbled by the extraordinary strength shown by this family, and truly honored to help four young children get a great night’s sleep, every night,” said Diane Charles, VP of Corporate Communications for Art Van Furniture.

The McCrackin family is now back into a routine with school, work and visits to The Children’s Center. Jennifer McCrackin is blown away by the support she and her children have received, and hopes to pay it forward.

“Somewhere, somehow there are blessings out there. You have to keep looking and working; no matter what comes at you,” said Jennifer. “I want to thank everyone who came together to help my family, and hope this inspires others to consider all the resources and organizations that are available and want to help.”

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