Aren’t the holidays a time for making memories? Having a great time with relatives. Hanging out. Playing games. Watching movies. Laughing so hard your belly hurts.

Imagine your six-year-old son telling you about playing a game that wasn’t so fun and being called “my girlfriend” by a relative behind closed doors. He goes on to explain the horrific details of his sexual abuse.

“As I listened and watched my baby boy tell his story, I felt a piece of me die. I felt like I was in a nightmare just praying to wake up,” said Shyanne. “We teach our children about stranger danger, but we don’t teach them about the danger that can exist in our most trusted and sacred places—our homes.”

You can ensure families like Shyanne’s receive treatment to heal from unimaginable abuse and trauma. Loving families struggling to overcome crushing feelings of confusion, anger, and guilt. Your generous gift will help them heal, grow and dream again.

“We are dealing with night terrors, bed-wetting and managing his sexual behaviors. Helping him to understand why he can’t sleep over at his friend’s house or have friends over to our house. Why he no longer sees some family members,” cries Shyanne.

Your generosity turns hurt into healing, despair into determination and trauma into triumph for Detroit children and families. Unfortunately, childhood sexual abuse is far too common, and 95% of victims know their abusers. But that doesn’t have to be the end of their story. You can help write brand new endings for children and families with your kind and compassionate gift.

“I believe my son will rise above this. I believe he will become the young man God intends him to become. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live again,” said Shyanne.

Please give your most generous gift today.

With deepest gratitude,


Debora Matthews

President & CEO, The Children’s Center

P.S. You can help children heal from their abuse and trauma so they can become the amazing people they were born to be. Please give.

Thank you for helping children heal, hope and dream again. Becoming the amazing people they were born to be.