“I wish there were cures to cancers.”

“I wish to grow up and have a good family.”

“I wish to be able to see my dad again.”

“I wish money would fall from the sky.”

“I wish my mom was alive.”

“I wish to be a good strong man like my dad.”

“I wish that I would get good grades.”

“I wish I had a puppy.”

Wishes are personal. At The Children’s Center, we give children the space and opportunity to dream big, dare boldly and to share their personal wishes on our Wishing Tree. Some of those wishes are captured above.

The Wishing Tree is a way for therapists to begin their relationships with children — to get more of an inside glimpse into what a child may be thinking. This is one step in our Healing the Hurt program, which is 70% of the work we do at The Children’s Center. This work would not be possible without you.

The Wishing Tree allows our children to see that they’re not alone. Wishes vary from being lighthearted to things far too serious for a child to deal with. While not every burden can be lifted, together we can help them begin to find a way.

Thanks for helping to bring hope to children beginning their healing journey.


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