This July, we hosted our third annual Town Hall Meeting, which gathered together families, staff and leadership who passionately care about our Center and the children we serve. The meeting began by introducing members from the Consumer Council and The Children’s Center Executive Leadership, each of whom presented opening remarks about their area of expertise.

We then moved into a community discussion where we fielded Q&A from our audience. Here’s a look at some of the questions we answered:

Q: Has The Children’s Center explored providing medical care services?

A. Yes. We previously offered pediatric services on campus; however, it was determined that parents preferred to go to their own pediatrician. We are looking for opportunities for referrals and plans within the neighborhood. Dental services are provided at our Center. We’ve also increased our nursing and medical services with the addition of a Medical Assistant and Nursing Care Manager who provide blood draws and screenings.

Q. Does The Children’s Center staff provide support within my child’s school to advocate for my child’s education?

A. Yes. It is important for families to communicate their needs. Clinicians, Case Managers and Supports Coordinators will help parents advocate for their children in schools in relation to mental health, physical health and education.

Q. Is The Children’s Center looking to hire more male therapists?

A. Yes. Male therapists are a rare commodity, but we are scouting the community and recruiting from the Fatherhood Initiative, universities and career days. Hiring more male therapists is definitely a Human Resources goal.

From programs to parking, confidentiality to service hours, the input we received at our Town Hall meeting was invaluable to us in identifying concrete actions and takeaways. We look forward to implementing the feedback, ensuring kids and families get the respect and services they deserve.

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