MetroPCS Continues Year-round Engagement

We want to extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to our corporate partner MetroPCS for their continued loyal support of The Children’s Center (TCC) mission to help children and families heal, grow and thrive. As they have since 2007, MetroPCS has once again made a year-round commitment to help TCC elevate awareness of its much needed programs and services throughout the Detroit community in 2014.

Utilizing its extensive retail presence throughout Metropolitan Detroit, MetroPCS will display TCC informational posters and distribute program literature to store patrons. They have also offered to promote TCC via remote radio and in-store promotional events, share program information via their social media platforms, and have provided advertising space through the partnership with Metro Parent Publishing Group. All combined, this generous offering from MetroPCS will help TCC increase brand visibility and extend its reach to serve the needs of thousands of vulnerable children and families in the City of Detroit.

When we take a look at the core values of MetroPCS and TCC they are very closely aligned and meet the same objectives, helping families in our communities, which craves for a very integrated seamless partnership.

— Devin S. Gough, Sr. Marketing Coordinator, MetroPCS

The MetroPCS year-round volunteer engagement calendar includes such activities as: conducting employee drives for basic needs (clothing, food, books) in for our Boutique, food pantry and Head Start Academy. They will also continue to support our Labor Day Arts, Beats, & Eats event and help promote Foster Care Awareness year-round.

One of our goals at The Children’s Center is to develop and cultivate our relationship with the Detroit community, collaborating with key organizations in providing the programs and services our children need to heal their hearts and minds and help them to become viable, productive adults. We are proud to have the continued support of corporate partners like MetroPCS – it is through these types of contributions that have allowed us to be one of the largest, most diverse child-serving agencies in Michigan while serving thousands of children and families annually.

— Debora Matthews, President & CEO, The Children’s Center

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