Early Treatment of Mental Health Issues is Critical To Future Success

Early Treatment of Mental Health Issues is Critical To Future Success

The stats are alarming: one in five children have some form of diagnosable mental health disorder, but less than two out of three children receive proper mental health treatment.

When left untreated, these issues can lead to disruptions in the home, school and community, and escalate into greater problems with age.

According to Cecilia Astorga-Switzer, M.D., chief medical officer at The Children’s Center, children’s mental health issues are real, common and treatable.

What to Look For

Early identification of mental health issues can help a child get back on track toward reaching his or her full potential. Here are some common signs that a child may be experiencing difficulty:

  • decrease in school performance
  • poor grades
  • nightmares
  • difficulty paying attention
  • depression and sadness
  • unusually aggressive behaviors toward themselves or others

How We Can Help

When a child’s behavior is a disruption to his or her environment, an evaluation with a mental health professional may provide needed insight.

The Children’s Center, a Detroit fixture for nearly 85 years, has caring professionals who can evaluate children, and provide testing and appropriate evidence-based mental and behavioral health treatment.

In addition, The Children’s Center makes referrals to the appropriate medical and mental health specialists through collaborative partnerships in greater Detroit.

Do You Have a Child in Need?

Using a team approach, we make the treatment and prevention of emotional, behavioral disorders and physical health concerns our highest priority. Contact us for more information at 313.831.5535.