Raymond ByersChief Financial Officer


    Raymond Byers, Chief Financial Officer, came to the Executive Leadership Team directly from service as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors of The Children’s Center. He became involved with the organization after relocating to Detroit to accept the position of Vice President of Finance at Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit.

    Raymond earned his Bachelor and Master of Business Administration degrees from the University of Toledo in five years and was awarded the College of Business’ Pacemaker Award for the individual who best epitomizes the drive and expertise needed to be successful.

    During Raymond’s Master’s program, he was awarded the first ever Corporate Graduate Assistantship to partner with a local business. Assigned to Goodwill industries of Northwest Ohio and working for the President and CEO, he provided direction to the management team enabling them to produce the first balanced budget in ten years.

    Through this experience Raymond gained great insight into and inspiration from Goodwill’s mission and the people it serves. Desiring to utilize his newly acquired skills in support of a not-for-profit enterprise, he pursued and would eventually be hired as the Chief Financial Officer for Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio where he would serve for 10 years. Looking for a new place in which to learn and grow, Raymond took advantage of an opportunity presented by an opening at an affiliated sister agency Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit where he was first introduced to The Children’s Center.