Helping children heal. With school-based services.

Working toward well-being. Together.

Is your child struggling with behavioral, social and emotional challenges? We’re here for you. We partner with local schools to provide school-based addressing student’s emotional and mental wellbeing. Helping children heal and thrive.

How we help your child

We work together with school leaders and teachers to assess the needs of each individual student who requires our services. We provide:

  • Emotional and behavioral assessments
  • Prevention and intervention services
  • Individual and family mental health therapy
  • Professional development and skill-building
  • Social skills and emotional development
  • Trauma counseling
  • Consultation and referral services

Working with schools to help children thrive.

Serving schools, supporting health

Mental health is directly related to learning and child development. It affects academic performance, interpersonal relationships, behavior, motivation, and school safety. Our school based services decreases the time that students are away from school to address these needs. We collaborate with school staff to ensure a safe learning environment that promotes academic performance and positive behavior.

Supporting schools. Healing children.

We have been working with Detroit children and Detroit-area schools for 85 years. We help students build resilience and confidence, offering access to community and family supports that ensure healthy emotional development.

Learn more

You can visit us at 79 Alexandrine West, Detroit, MI 48201, or give us a call at 313.831.5535.