Treating your child’s health needs in one place

Healthy mind, healthy body, happy child

A child’s overall health is made up of many parts: physical, behavioral and emotional. Research shows that one component can affect the other, and treating them together is beneficial. That’s why at The Children’s Center, we treat every aspect of your child’s health, all in one place.

How we help your child

We treat every aspect of your child’s health – from physical to mental – in one place. We provide:

  • Family-centered, medical services through our partners at Advantage Health Center
  • On-campus treatment for behavioral and emotional challenges through licensed psychologists and psychiatrists
  • A team approach to health where nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists collaborate
  • Screenings, evaluations, preventive care, and management of health conditions

Why The Children’s Center?

At The Children’s Center, your child’s medical and health care and history – from doctor visits to counseling sessions – is in one place, making it easy for clinicians to access and share.

It helps parents too, because you don’t have to drive to multiple appointments at multiple locations. This saves time, gas and prevents days off from work.

Helping children heal

We have the best partnerships in place to treat and coordinate every aspect of your child’s health care: physical, behavioral and emotional.

Learn more

Visit The Children’s Center at 79 Alexandrine West, Detroit MI, 48201 or give us a call at 313.831.5535